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Therapeutic Medication & Substance Abuse Monitoring

Ensuring patients are properly taking medications to avoid misuse, abuse or diversion with other substances that may affect patient health & well-being.

  • CAP accredited laboratory
  • Urine, saliva, and blood analysis
  • Testing for 90+ drugs and metabolites done via Liquid Chromatography/Dual Mass Spectrometry
  • Rapid turn around time
  • Patient friendly billing
  • Cost effective toxicology test pricing
  • EMR integration and web portal result access
  • Development and detection of emerging substances
  • Guidance on additional medication monitoring testing platforms


Detailed genetic profiling of a patient to help determine the proper drugs and dosage regimens to optimize individualized drug therapy plan.

  • Testing patients genetically driven response to medications
  • Profiling of individual genetic variations to achieve optimum treatment efficiency
  • Easy to interpret patient PGx report
  • Public & private payor coverage and cash pay ability
  • Offering of unique genetic tests including: OPRM1 and MTHFR

Coding and Billing Consultation

Providing consultation and insight for ancillary revenue service via billing code analysis.

  • Implementation of wellness program
  • Policies and procedures through CMS
  • Billing services support:
     –Ongoing staff training regarding coding portion of health and wellness

     –Ensure practice compliance with proper forms and processes required to use codes

     –Semi-annual meetings to review codes and provide guidance on new health and wellness opportunities
  • Robust portfolio of product and service offerings tailored to exceed patient and provider expectations
  • Highly trained Toxicologists, Geneticists and PharmDs
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer relations team
  • Dedicated local sales representative

Partner with MedComp

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